Sunday, October 03, 2010


(Posted on The Messenger, Parkdale United Church Newsletter)
By Sergio Granillo

Fall is in the air, the wind blows smooth refreshingly, weathered leaves on the lawn and dawn coming earlier giving way to a full moon. Inside the brick walls of Parkdale United Church, the air is full of laughter, excitement and expectation. Volunteers rush to finish the details of the fancy tables decorated with cute flowers and tea-lights shining, the china and silverware are all set on the tables.

Rev. Shawn Lucas welcomed the attendees and after saying grace, food was served. Exquisite meals prepared by Chef Veronique, starting by a first course, tossed green salad a la vinaigrette. Few minutes later, the entrée made her way, roasted beef, chicken tights, seasoned potatoes and quiche Lorraine. In an ambiance of elegance, long dresses, black jackets and ties, everybody started the gourmet journey full of taste, the soiree was setting the mood for another delight, music and tons of fresh talent.

Shortly before, The Isac Band made its world première, coffee and dessert were served. Tiramisu, Danish bread with caramel topping and fruit cake were the closing of a perfect menu that earned an ovation to the amazing Chef Veronique.

Under the direction of Ajith Isac, a band of really talented and extremely young musicians –in the range of 11 to 17 years old-, The Isac Band opened its debut concert with two original songs: the Isac Band Title Music and Jupiter.

The members of the band wowed the audience, not only with the talent but because of the young age. Ajith Isac in vocals, guitar and keyboard; Brian Humphries, drums; Anoop Isac, vocals and guitar; Irene Harrett, acoustic double bass and electric bass guitar; Chris Romano, percussions; Jinu Isac –11 years old-, piano, keyboard, synthesizers and vocals; and Matthew Lagan, saxophone.

The program included both original melodies as well as some classics. Ajith Isac sang “In A Sentimental Mood” and “Unforgettable”, the very young Jinu featured a tender version of “Let It Be”, while his older brother Anoop, besides his master electric guitar performances, sang “Beautiful Day”.

As special guests, other members of the church had the chance to participate. Charles Ellsworth took on Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”, Noreen Simon performed “Jesus Walk With Me” and Sergio Granillo made an interesting interpretation (a reggae version) of “How Great Thou Art” in French (although people believed it was Spanish), called “Dieu Tout Puissant”.

Adding more excitement and fun to this incredible Gala, Rev. Lucas was in charge of the auction, getting to sell everything available, from old-style radio, potty mums, carving knives sets to highly bid “girlie bags”.

The First Parkdale United Annual September’s Outreach Gala was a big success thanks to the hard work of the volunteers: Vibert Joshua, Lionel Smith, Karen Fox, Glenda Moore, Pat Comar, Vickie Johnson, Shane Gallant, Reg Topping and Roger Beaven. All the proceeds of the event will go to support the outreach programs of the church: Refugee Support Program, The Homework Club and to send kids to camp.

The night of Saturday September 25th will be remembered as the very first one of a new tradition in Parkdale United Church. It was a night full of joy, of giving, sharing and enjoying great food, great music and good fellowship. The spirit of good harvest was in the air and resounded through the night!